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TAAC JR Team Photo 2010.jpeg

TAAC JR Team Photo (Date Unknown).jpeg

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TAAC Team Photo (Date Uknown).jpeg

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PROGRAMA # 9855 11:00 AM (hora del Pacífico)

Edición Extra: El Otro Fútbol.

Investigadores académicos estrenan un archivo digital creado por estudiantes universitarios y fanáticos voluntarios para documentar la historia…

The formation of the Tulare Angrense team and club

TAAC Team Photo (Date Uknown) 9.jpeg
Photo of Tulare Angrense, date unknown

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Tornado Reunion.jpg
A photo of the Hmong Men's Soccer team Tornado at a reunion party

Tornado Kit.jpg
A photo of a Tornado jersey on a hangar

Romeo Guzmán, right, shows the soccer archive to Joel Muñoz, before Muñoz told The Other Football about his years as a soccer coach at Roosevelt High School in Fresno.

Jose "Chato" Elgorriaga, son of a legendary soccer coach at Fresno State, talking to Valley Public Radio after conducing an oral history with The Other Football




This article talks about a soccer game between the Olympic Soccer Club vs. the Mexican Club in the San Joaquin Valley Soccer League. The game was requested by the residents of Sanger due to their interest in creating a team in the league. The article…


Jose (Chato) Elgorriaga.mp3
In this oral history, Jose "Chato" Elgorriaga Jr., shares the story of playing under his father, the renown and celebrated Fresno State Men's Soccer coach, from early youth leagues to becoming his assistant coach after college. Chato then depicts…

1972 reddwood soccer005.pdf
Photographic scan of Redwood Highschool's 1972 yearbook featuring the boy's soccer team season recap.

This is an article announcing a match between the Mexico Soccer Club and Lobos of San Jose at McLane High Stadium.

Photograph featuring Claremont Graduate Students.

TAAC Team Photo 1971.jpeg
TAAC Team Photo 1971

TAAC Team Photo 1969.jpeg
TAAC Team Photo 1969
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