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TAAC JR Team Photo 2010.jpeg

TAAC JR Team Photo (Date Unknown).jpeg

TAAC Team Photo 1977.jpeg

TAAC Team Photo (Date Uknown).jpeg

TAAC Team Photo (Date Uknown) 10.jpeg

The formation of the Tulare Angrense team and club

TAAC Team Photo (Date Uknown) 9.jpeg
Photo of Tulare Angrense, date unknown

Tornado Reunion.jpg
A photo of the Hmong Men's Soccer team Tornado at a reunion party

Tornado Kit.jpg
A photo of a Tornado jersey on a hangar


This article talks about a soccer game between the Olympic Soccer Club vs. the Mexican Club in the San Joaquin Valley Soccer League. The game was requested by the residents of Sanger due to their interest in creating a team in the league. The article…

This is an article announcing a match between the Mexico Soccer Club and Lobos of San Jose at McLane High Stadium.

TAAC Team Photo 1971.jpeg
TAAC Team Photo 1971

TAAC Team Photo 1969.jpeg
TAAC Team Photo 1969

Untitled 4 - 12:8:22, 5.43 PM.mp3
This is an oral interview conducted by Tyler Caffee on Tony Fraga, a Tulare Angrense player in the 70s and 80s, who went on to become the co-ed director of the club. Tony Fraga first recounts his experience of growing up on the island before moving…

Fuechi Lor interview 2.mp3
A second oral history interview conducted by Enrique Salas-Limon with Fuechi Lor about Hmong soccer in Fresno, CA.

Fuechi Lor Interview 2 abstract
Interviewed by Enrique Salas-Limon

Fuechi Lor describes loss in 2012 on Tornado.…

Fuechi Lor interview 1.mp3
An oral history interview conducted by Enrique Salas-Limon with Fuechi Lor about Hmong soccer in Fresno, CA.

Fuechi Lor Interview 1 abstract
Interviewed by Enrique Salas-Limon

Fuechi Lor is a second-generation American of Hmong…

Yee Vue interview.pdf
An oral history interview with Yee Vue by Sang Vang, with an attached time log.

Tornado OGs.jpg
A photo of several Tornado OGs. Standing left: Blong Vang; Sitting left: Toui; sunglasses: Xia Moua; Middle with visor: Yee "Fat" Thao; Back right: Kennedy Yang; Front right: Norack Thao.

Tornado Lor brothers.jpg
A photo of Fuechi Lor (right) and Kiabtoom Lor (left) as J4 champions in Minnesota 2013

Tornado 2007.jpg
A photo of Tornado Hmong soccer team from Fresno, CA in 2007

SOUTHEAST ASIAN GAMES On fields of play Hmong Sacramento Bee The CA July 11 2011.pdf
A Sacramento Bee published article from 2011 describing the 6th Annual Southeast Asian Games and the current and past history of the Hmong presence in the Fresno area.

OG Tornado 2013 J4 champs.jpg
The 40+ Tornado team posing at J4 as tournament champions in 2013. Top row, second from left: Yee Vue.

New Tornado.jpg
A photo of the newest and youngest members of Tornado soccer team in Fresno. Top row far left: Kennedy Yang; Top row second from the right: Fuechi Lor.

Fuechi Lor with Majiks.jpg
A photo of Fuechi Lor posing in Majiks kit at J4 tournament in Minnesota
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